These policies for Hana’s music lessons make sure we are on the same page and scheduling and billing can be handled smoothly. Email with any questions.

The first free lesson

The first lesson is free to see if we are a good fit. There may just be one free lesson per student.

Monthly packages

After the first lesson, lessons are paid for in monthly packages. Lessons must be prepaid for the month at the start of the month. If a month has days when Hana can not teach, you will pay for just the lessons she can teach.

Scheduled breaks

There are scheduled breaks where Hana will not be available to teach. See the schedule here.

Missed lessons

If you need to miss a lesson and cancel day of or do not show up, the billing continues the same and there will be no rescheduled lesson, but you will have access to a library of learning videos and activities that can be done instead.

If I need to miss a lesson, we will reschedule or I will refund you.

In person vs online

I strongly recommend doing in-person lessons at your house, especially for children, unless we do not live in the same city. Online is only available for singing and songwriting students. Please email me at for location information.

Student-owned materials

As a student needs to own materials like a method book or sheet music books, this must be paid for by the student. The student will own these materials.