Online Lesson Setup

When you have lessons online, there are a few logistical things that can make the audio quality more accurate, making the lesson smoother.


  • Use headphones
  • Play songs or reference tracks in the air from your phone (unless you have a way to do this through your computer)
  • If you have an external mic, please use it (if not, no problem)

Discord Settings

Hana’s Discord:

  • Turn off Background noise reduction
  • Turn off Echo cancellation

Zoom Settings

Hana’s Personal Meeting Room:
Meeting ID: 983 896 1964
Passcode: 7Z5r2T

  • Turn on original sound
  • Under audio settings:
    • Uncheck Automatically adjust microphone volume
    • Set Suppress background noise to Low
    • Click advanced and check the box next to Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone