Hana’s Teaching Strategy: What Students Will Learn

1. Passion

I approach teaching by first encouraging a passion for music so that growth will be faster, the student will be motivated to practice, and continue making music over time. When I was a child, I played piano on my own with no adult telling me to, just because I loved it. Now many years later, I am still playing piano and have expanded into many other musical areas. This underlying love of the beauty of making music is what I want to encourage in students.

2. Skill

Secondly, the passion should be backed up with the technical skills needed to create music. This enables the student to create music in a way that is both comfortable and they are proud of. For example, singing both sounds better and is more fun when you can do it easily and without tension!

3. Understanding

Finally, an instinctual understanding of music should be encouraged so that over time the student learns not only just HOW to make music, but WHY is it made in certain ways. This enables the student to bring their own music into the world. This can be fostered at an early level by improvising, playing by ear, and introducing music theory concepts.

Hana’s Music

I understand if you want to hear some music I’ve made before taking lessons from me. I would if I were you! Here are some songs to give you an idea of my musical style. I’m inspired by a wide range of music – classical, folk, celtic, electronic, rock, and symphonic and progressive metal. 🙂

Here are some original songs. Unless noted, I wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed these in their entirety.

I have served in an estimated 700+ live church worship songs since 2019 in the capacities of playing violin, piano, singing, and mixing sound.

I also got a job teaching at a local music studio in August 2022. I will make my primary income between that and my independent teaching.