Make amazing music 🎵

Do you want to empower the creation of beautiful music through growing in musical skill, understanding, and intuition? I think access to musical instruments and education is one of the greatest gifts one can give – to yourself or your child!


Create a joyful voice through learning the fundamentals of relaxed and pleasant singing.

The voice is an instrument like any other, and everyone can sing! You will learn how to navigate your voice with exercises and grow confident that you can sing how you want to sound, and you will also practice singing specific songs you want to learn.


Get guidance and feedback as you write songs and work towards your creative goals.

We can define and help you work towards goals to create your own music. There is great value in learning to finish projects and overcome creative blocks and insecurities about sharing your music.

Beginner Piano

Learn to play beautiful piano and grow musicality with beginner piano classes.

The piano is one of the best first instruments to learn because you get such a wholistic musical understanding and can see all the notes visually. Lessons not only teach the technical fundamentals but also introduce creative concepts like improvisation and musicality.

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